SLSC Week 3 Newsletter: July 14th – 18th 


We are officially one quarter of the way through our summer together. There are many who complain every time the idea of a diminishing summer is mentioned, but I think we should see it as a milestone for everything we’ve accomplished so far, as well as everything that’s on the road ahead. The sailing season is still young, but we have to remember that the summer day is a finite resource and each one has to be cherished and experienced to the fullest. There’s a little Monday philosophy for you.


Week 2 Recap

The weather thrown at Sturgeon earlier last week was no friend to young sailors. Our first two days were as stormy as they come, and we all grew tedious of Keira asking us to “check the radar”. But, of course, come Friday the lake was glass and as we lay on our turtled boats we prayed for a stitch of breeze. This is Sturgeon sailing, and we’re grateful for all our sailors’ patience with these uncontrollable weather-related circumstances.


Our outreach program was a tremendous success. We hosted the Lindsay Boys and Girls club, and got many Lindsay boys and girls enthused for the sport of sailing. Much thanks goes to our Race Team members (Madeleine, Kate, Adele, Maija, and Margaret) for their contributions and leadership.


Lastly, congratulations to Germany for the big win last night! I’m now excited to return to my regular routine of never watching soccer, but it was fun when it lasted.


Racing Program

We will be returning to our regular afternoon race programs for Opti and Feva sailors! Anyone interested in joining should speak to Leslie Thomas; registration is $60 for a week and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm. Regattas for both fleets are just around the corner so we want to get as many sailors as possible trained and feeling confident. Bring your own lunch; come 12:30 we instructors are a ruthless bunch and will NOT share our food, be it Pogos or pizzas. Hands off our hummus.


Tuesday Movie Night 

This Tuesday is another classic SLSC double feature movie night, which costs $1 per film. Entrance to the second movie will require proof of a +13 age, and our notorious bouncer, Adele, is a tyrant at the door and will eject any suspicious persons without hesitation. Show starts at 6:30PM, runs until 8:30ish and they’ll be juice and popcorn!


Tuesday (?!?) Fun Day

Last week’s Wednesday Fun Day was believed to be the infamous Balloon Day, but there was a last-minute switch. This is what we call in the industry “the ultimate bluff” and we fittingly introduced Poker Day. But now we can promise that we will be hosting Balloon Day this week, and it will be a triumph as it always is. To give our regatta-goers time to pack up the boats on Wednesday, we will be moving the Fun Day up to Tuesday, hope that’s okay with everyone. Once again, wear your favourite colours, and if you’re in need of a recap regarding the history of the creation of the modern rubber balloon, see Newsletter #2.


“But Erik, what about Pizza Lunch?” you might definitely ask. Don’t be concerned young sailors; Leslie Thomas and Christina Hall’s Pizza Lunch will remain on Wednesday, for no Fun Day schedule disrupts the Pizza Lunch routine.


Wednesday Night Races

At 6:30PM this Wednesday come on down the club for our ongoing evening racing. Again, I can’t stress enough how surreal it feels to cruise beneath a burning, amber sunset. Pure bliss.


Friday Night Dance

As always, the Silvers will be hosting the treasured Friday Night Dance, this Friday, running from 7PM to 9PM. Entrance fee is a dollar and there will be pop, freezies, and candy for sale. This week’s theme is “What Not To Wear”, a personal favourite since style has never been a virtue of mine. Can’t wait to see you all in your overalls, upside-down visors, socks and sandals, and oversized Hawaiian t-shirts.


Steerers & Four Sisters

Our first regatta is upon us! PCYC hosts both Steerers and Four Sisters starting this Thursday and we wish our race team best of luck in Toronto. Over the years, Sturgeon has gained the reputation as “the little club that could” and we’ve always shown that the true spirit of sailing doesn’t belong to the yachters, but here in the heart of cottage country.


Sunday Afternoon Races 

Sunday Afts have been a hit so far and we’ll be hosting Round 3 this Sunday at 12:30PM. Bring your friends and family over to the club on this most holy day of the week.


Sunday Yoga 

Not in a sailing mood? Colleen Moloney’s Yoga sessions return once again to the Boathouse, this Sunday at 1PM. The session is free, but any donations are welcome and will go towards the SLSC.


N’oublie pas

Here at the SLSC we sail rain or shine and we urge our sailors to bring the appropriate gear. This includes sunblock, hats, closed toe shoes, foul weather gear, a lifejacket, a snack, and an extra change of clothes.


So stoked for this coming week, it’s been such a stupendous summer so far!


Much love,



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  1. Keep the awesome newsletters coming Erik! I read so many email newsletters each week and by far yours is the BEST one to brighten my day. Way to go!!!

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