SLSC Newsletter: Week #2

SLSC 2014 Newsletter Week 2: July 7th


‘Twas a marvelous first week at the SLSC and it’s clear that we’ve been thrust back into our regular summer routine.

There was a fresh turnout of new faces, including fourteen WetFeet and a whole new crop of CANSail 1s. Under the guidance of Michael, Erik, Megan, and Claire, they’re all finding their sea legs with relative ease.

The Canada Day bonfire was a tremendous success, from our point of view. The food, juice, and fire combined to be a hit, but with regards to the fireworks display, we pretty much got what we paid for. To our defense, the labels on the packaging made them look much more exciting. We promise to go bigger next year. Nevertheless, everyone had a fantastic time and it may have become the start of an annual tradition.

There was an injury to report. At the peak of an exhilarating match of “The Ladder Game”, the speedy Charlie Breyfogle sat down in his rightful place with an overly enthusiastic leap. Landing on his left wrist, he gave his arm an ugly break. Graeme and John rushed him to the Lindsay hospital to meet his brother, Sam, and father, Nick. Sam being there already for strep throat, Nick was rather pleased to save himself two separate trips to Lindsay. He’s always looking on the bright side.

When asked, Charlie noted that he would break his arm a thousand more times for the sweet taste of a victory at Morning Game. We commend his competitive nature, wish him a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing him this week.

Lastly, Tim’s Raft was finally airlifted by helicopter onto its rightful place in the water. Its inaugural raft war was a thing of beauty, and well worth the wait.



This week’s afternoon racing will have to wait until next week to make room for our weeklong outreach program. The Boys & Girls camp from Lindsay will be getting a taste of sailing on Sturgeon through a week of cruising with the instructors and the Race Team.


Movie Night

This Tuesday marks the first official Movie Night! Swing by the Boathouse for a double feature on the big screen at 7PM. Its one dollar per movie, and kids aged 13 and up are permitted to stay for the second movie. There will be juice and popcorn as well.


Fun Day #2: Balloon Day!

First, a little history: the modern day rubber balloon that we all know and love today was actually invented for research purposes. In 1824, Michael Faraday, a contributor to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry, found use for an elastic rubber bladder that could be filled and expanded during his experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London. The pioneer rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock later reformed the balloon shape to be used as toys.

Thanks to the profound efforts of Mr. Faraday and Mr. Hancock, we’ve created one of the greatest Fun Days of the summer; Balloon Day. Our sailors are placed in a massive “arena” with the goal of collecting intact balloons that are released on the water. It makes for an extremely hectic frenzy of tacking and gybing.


Wednesday Night Races

The first Wednesday Night Races are being held this week! It’s a truly delightful experience drifting beneath a burning sunset. Come on down to the club at 6:30 to start rigging, races go until 8:30, and there’ll be a bonfire (weather-permitting) to wrap up the evening.


Friday Night Dance

As the official newsletter writer for the 2014 SLSC season, I’m placed in a bit of an awkward position in terms of the Friday Night Dance situation. The Monday newsletter is supposed to explain the theme of each dance so that parents and sailors have time to put an outfit together. On the other hand, the organizers of these events, the Silvers, wish to keep the identity of the dance secret until the day before, using the element of surprise to their advantage. I’m also under the impression that they simply haven’t thought that far ahead, which is fine. So, there is indeed a dance this Friday, and the theme will be revealed at the Silvers’ earliest convenience. Nonetheless, bring your party pants and your dancing shoes to the clubhouse this Friday at 7PM.


Sunday Yoga (Not Saturday)

Colleen Moloney’s Boathouse yoga session was such a Zenful experience last Saturday; she decided to move it to the most peaceful day of the week. Step aside Church; Colleen’s stealing the podium this Sunday at 1pm for a second round of yoga sessions. See you all there!


N’oublie Pas 

We live on a very sporadic lake when it comes to the weather. Be sure to come prepared to club each morning, no matter what the morning seems to look like. Bring foul-weather gear, closed toe shoes, sunscreen, a lifejacket, a hat, an extra change of clothes, a bathing suit and towel, and a water bottle.

Looking forward to another superb week at the SLSC!

Much love,


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