SLSC Newsletter: Week 1 2012

Well everyone, the beginning to another amazing summer at SLSC is finally here and we could not be more excited!!  A big welcome to all of the new sailors joining us for the first time and a big welcome back to all of our returning sailors!  Summer 2012 is already full of new and exciting changes which we are sure will make this summer one of the best ones yet!

New and Exciting Changes!

As many of you probably noticed upon arriving here this morning SLSC has an exciting new addition… a brand new building!  We are very excited about this building and the opportunities that it will bring.  This building is still a work in progress and we hope to have it finished by September 2012.

Another big change to SLSC this summer is the levels system.  SLSC has switched over to CYA’s new CANSail program moving on from the old White/Bronze/Silver Sail standards.  CANSail is an upgraded progressive pathway to learn and develop fundamental dinghy sailboat skills and we are very excited to be offering it at SLSC.  Below is a basic breakdown of how the old system translates into the new system:

Old Standard                                                                    New Standard
Mosquito                                                                           Wet Feet
White Sail 1&2                                                                  CANSail 1
White Sail 3                                                                       CANSail 2
Bronze Sail 4                                                                     CANSail 3
Bronze Sail 5                                                                     CANSail 4
Silver                                                                                  CANSail 5

If you have any questions about the transition to the CANSail standard don’t hesitate to ask one of the instructors or check out CYA’s website at:

The 2012 Instructor Team

This year’s instructor team is full of familiar faces from summers past.  We are excited to welcome Kate Thomas back as Head Instructor and CANSail 4 Instructor, Amy DesBrisay as Race Coach/CANSail 5 Instructor, Keira Webster as Assistant Head Instructor and Wet Feet Instructor, Owen Thomas as CANSail 3 Instructor and Opti Race Coach, Kevin McPhee as CANSail 2 Instructor and Claire Lourie as CANSail 1 Instructor.  We are all incredibly excited to be back for another fun-filled summer at SLSC!

Dances and Movie Nights

This Tuesday night we will be holding our first movie night of the summer! As always the first movie is suitable for children of all ages (including younger siblings), and the second movie will be open to kids aged 13 and up. The first movie starts at 6:30 and each movie is a dollar. Don’t forget to bring a reusable cup for juice!

Start dusting off those dancing shoes because this Friday is the first dance of Summer 2012 and it’s going to be a blast! This Friday’s dance theme is pyjama so be sure to wear your favourite PJ’s and don’t forget that stuffed animals like dancing too! The dance is $1.00 to get in and pop will be sold for a dollar and freezies for 25 cents. See you on the dance floor!

Fun Day and Pizza Lunch

Shiver me timbers!!! This Wednesday is PIRATE DAY so be sure to come dressed in your best pirate gear and be ready to get wet!

This Wednesday is also our first weekly Pizza Lunch! Two slices of pizza, lemonade and an ice cream sandwich are $7.50.  The Pizza arrives at 12:30 and pick up is pushed back to 1:00.  You can pay Leslie at registration or bring money Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Night Races & Sunday Afternoon Races

Weekly Wednesday night races will continue this summer starting the second week of club.  Sailors of all levels are welcome and encouraged to come out for some friendly racing and après racing s’mores around the campfire!

We will be running four days of racing for the 2012 Sunday Afternoon Race Series. The first one will take place this Sunday July 8th, followed by three more on July 15th and August 12th and 19th.  We encouraged racers of all ages (parents too!) and skill level to come out to these races! Come down to the club at 12:30 with or without a crew, races start at 1:30!

Things to Bring

As always we’re promoting a waste-free sailing club, so we encourage all sailors to bring their own reusable water bottle to club.  We have a water cooler upstairs that we will be sure is always full for sailors to full their water bottles up with.  Other things that are important to bring everyday are a PFD, close toed shows, a change of clothes, weather appropriate gear (a little rain doesn’t keep us from sailing!), a towel, sunscreen, a hat and a snack.

Happy Sailing!

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