The PICOS are Coming! The PICOS are Coming!

The Stugeon Lake Sailing Club will have a new fleet of boats for the Summer of 2011.  6 brand new Laser Picos are expected to arrive in time to be sail ready for the first day of Club.

The Laser Pico was launched in 1995 and has enjoyed outstanding success. Internationally,  over 15,000 boats have been sold.  The Laser Pico is considered by many to be the best boat to introduce new sailors to the sport and the best teaching boat available. The boat is confidence inspiring because it is fun, light and low to the water.  It is made from a plastic mold product and, as a result, is reputed to be extremely durable.  Other Clubs with whom we spoke had great things to say about the boat as a training boat for younger sailors and Ontario Sailing that has a fleet of them said that they stand up very well to the rigours of a junior sailing program.

The Picos will be sailed by our White Sail group this Summer and they will add spice and excitement to that program – spiffy new boats!  Yes the Picos are coming! 

The arrival of our Picos is made possible by the generosity of our many donors and, to them,  we (and the kids) say a very big thank you.  Your donations will translate into a whole lot of big smiles this Summer.  (See pictures below)

Laser Pico Footstraps –  LaserPerformance  



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