Day 2 at the Summer Games

Day 2 at the Summer Games was more of the light stuff, with a premium on finding wind, being patient with a little luck thrown in.  In the 420 fleet, it was a very good day for a crew from Royal Hamilton who vaulted  into first place with finishes of 1-1-2-3.  They are followed by our two representatives.  Amy and Kate sit second with finishes today of 3-4-3-1 and Owen and Max (who we are adopting) sit third with finishes of 5-3-1-5.  The fleet however is very bunched and the fight for gold, silver and bronze is very much dependant on the results of races tomorrow.  Any of the leaders could get knocked off their perches with a bad race or two, and given the quality of the racers and the unpredictability of the winds, anything could happen.

As far as the Radials are concerned, this has been a great regatta for Megan who is competing and keeping pace with Radial sailors who have way more experience in the boat.  Today, she had consistent finishes including a sixth, and is doing us proud.  We may have a singlehanded sailor in our midst!

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