Cruisin’ at CORK

The Canadian Olympic Regatta in Kingston is annually the largest dinghy regatta in the country, attracting sailors from across the world.  In past years, SLSC has attended the Youthfest part of the regatta.  This year, there was no Youthfest and instead Club 420s sailed in the CORK International Regatta,  focussed on olympic development classes.  CORK Internatioanal  expanded the traditional  Youthfest events to a full 4 days of racing competition.

From August 19-22, close to 600 sailors from 15 nations raced their hearts out at the CORK International Regatta and SLSC was there.  Amy DesBrisay/Kate Thomas, Owen Thomas/Sean Clynch and Erik Nyhuus/Mich Agnew sailed in an 82 boat 420 fleet, which included a number of Americans and a contingent of Quebec and Nova Scotia sailors.  The fleet was the largest in the regatta and a sight to behold. 

With 82 boats being too many to fit on a single start line, the fleet was split into 4 and they alternated sailing with each other in a preliminary round so that each start had 41 boats on the line.  After six preliminary round races, the fleet was then split into two fleets, with the top half sailing in a Gold Fleet and the others in a Silver Fleet. 6 more races were sailed  for the Gold Fleet medals and 5 for the Silver Fleet medals, with boats carrying their preliminary round finishes into the Gold and Silver round.

With good size waves and winds that were variable, less than those to which Kingston sailors were accustomed, the Regatta became a test of patience and strategy, playing the shifts and coaxing every bit of possible speed out of the boats in challenging waves.   After finishing the preliminary round in a Gold Fleet position, Amy and Kate won the first Gold fleet race and finished with a very credible 14th overall in the Regatta Gold Fleet- top Ontario female team and within a few points of top 5 in an oh so close grouping of sailors from 5th to 15th overall.  It was a good overall showing by the girls and a thrill to have scored a bullet in this internationally recognized regatta.

Owen and Sean raced in the Silver Fleet and sailed magnificently, bringing home some very cool looking CORK Bronze medals for their overall performance.  These are the first CORK medals that have been won by an SLSC boat in many decades (ever?) and the boys are to be congratulated for their accomplishment. 

Erik and Mich were a credible mid fleet finishers in the tough Silver fleet.

This was a great experience for our sailors and one to build on.  Congratulations to our race team that has made many strides this summer and has made us proud with their good sportsmanship on the race course.  We are now known as a Club of really good kids as well as really good sailors and that is more important than any hardware.

Thanks also to Murray McCullogh for the work that he has put into the race team and the example of hard work and good fun that is Murray.  Thanks also to Leslie Thomas who has borne a disproportioanate share of the chaperoning responsibilities this Summer and who has (as she does) made friends with everyone at every regattas on the 2009 schedule…She has earned in spades her designation as SLSC Elite Level Chaperone (“ELC”).

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