6th Instructor’s Newsletter – Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer version 2009 continues in full form this week at SLSC! We have a great week planned out and lots of updates to give ya!

Here’s the news and this week’s sneak peek of the week!



Huuuuge news!!! Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club is now home to National Champions. Amy DesBrisay and Kate Thomas have returned from the CYA National Youth Championship Regatta in Victoria, BC after a stunning victory in the 420 fleet! They started off the regatta modestly but after 5 long days of sailing and 15 races, Amy and Kate managed to climb the standings right up to the top! We at SLSC are immensely proud of them – they’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this elite level and have been through many ups and downs on their journey. Give them your congrats if you see them – because the best youth sailors on Sturgeon Lake (or arguably any Canadian lake, for that matter) certainly deserve it! Race Coach Murray McCullough also deserves a great big pat on the back for his excellent guidance over the years and the comprehensive notes he sent off with them! For full results, check out: http://www.rvyc.bc.ca/results/1249600705.htm

Way to go girls!


Cottage Club and National Capital Regattas

This past week the Jr. Race Team headed off to a regatta at Stoney Lake Yacht Club. All accounts say that it was a positive experience for our younger racers entering this new wacky world of regattas. Keep up the good work guys!

This weekend coming up our Race Team (Sr.) is heading to the most beautiful, and, unarguably, best city in Canada for the National Capital Regatta. SLSC is off to Ottawa for the second last regatta of the season; a qualifying regatta for next year’s Ontario Summer Games.  Good luck boys and girls, make us proud!!


Verulam Park/Pizza

Everybody’s favourite day of the year (yes, better than Christmas and your Birthday put together!) is THIS WEDNESDAY!! We’re off on our annual sailing trip to Verulam Park, a beautiful beach about a kilometer down the lake! The weather forecast is thankfully calling for a beautiful day on Wednesday (if the day isn’t lovely, we’ll set a rain date). Bring a swimsuit FOR SURE!

Wednesday is still PIZZA DAY! Pizza will be delivered to Verulam Park around noon (so don’t worry about packing a lunch – although a water bottle is strongly recommended). So make sure your parents pay our wonderful Pizza Lady, Leslie, and enjoy a delicious lunch at Verulam Park.

We’ll head back to the club in the early afternoon, so please note that Wednesday will be a longer daywe likely won’t be back at club until about 2 or 2:30.

Get excited!


Movie Night/Dance

Tuesday is movie night. Two movies will be shown in the Clubhouse: the first suitable for all ages and the second open to 13 year olds and up. The first movie begins at 6:30 and each movie costs a dollar. Please bring a reusable cup for juice.

And of course, Friday is DANCE TIME. Starts at 7 – bring a dollar for admission and another couple bucks for pop/freezies. The theme for this week will be Boy/Girl – don’t worry the Silvers will explain!

The Silvers organize both of these events – so they will provide all the details!!

(Remember, if you have any questions about this you can call the club @ 887-5110)


Wednesday Night Races

Wednesday Night Races continue this week. They have been absolutely gorgeous evening sails so far and have definitely become a highlight of the week. So take a break after club, eat some dinner and then head back at 6 p.m. for some early evening sailing. Experienced and non-experienced racers will be paired up.


Water bottles and bring things.

Just a reminder: bring a water bottle to Sailing Club because we have a water cooler that you can refill with if needed. Help us help you stay hydrated!

Also, on top of a lifejacket and proper footwear, please bring warm clothing and rain gear if possible – because unless it’s reeeaally bad weather, we’re going sailing! Oh and bring your sunscreen, because summer is in full swing!

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