Mid Ontario Regatta

The 2009 Mid Ontario Championship Regatta will take place on the weekend of July 25 and 26.  This year’s Regatta planning is well underway and it ought to be a great event.  The Club will be hosting a Masters clinic for the Ontario Masters’ Laser  Team on Friday the 24th of July.  This clinic will be one of the training sessions for Masters sailors planning to sail in the World Masters Championship Regatta that will be taking place in September in Halifax.  Richard Roberts will be one of those Masters sailors training for the Worlds.  Also, the Mids Regatta will the District 3 Laser and Radial Championship Regatta and wil be part of the District 3 Gold Cup Series.  We will also be the 2009 Provincial 420 Class Championship Regatta, so designated by the Club 420 Class Association.  As usual, we will be looking for an ethusiastic contribution from camp site suppliers, billeters, breakfast makers, registrars, direction givers and takers, on water safety boat operators, scorers, sandwich makers, lunch packers, trophy polishers, spectators and other undertakers of tasks too varied and too numerous to think of  in January.  We look forward to welcoming our guests and hosting a great regatta!  Updates to come! See MIDS page above for updates and NOR.

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