Winter Cross Training Booked

Having been snookered in Fenelon for this year’s holiday skating and shinny extravaganza, Larry Thomas has booked a change in venue to BOBCAYGEON.  Ice time is Dec 28th 1-3, 29th 4-6 and 30th 2:30-4:30. Costs will be the same as last year: $20/family/day and $10/day for solo skaters.

An invitation and much encourgement is extended to our Sturgeon community of twirlers and scrubs, toddlers and seniors, watchers and skaters, puck carryers and stay at home defence types: come out for some off sailing season exercise and much chatter and some banter.  For more information, car pooling, directions and advice on matters of import or otherwise, call Larry at 887-2821 anytime after the 26th of December from 5:30 a.m. (when he gets up to make coffee for Leslie) to 9:15 pm (when he brushes his teeth and climbs into bed).

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