Second Sunday of Racing is in the Books

With Claire DesBrisay and Liz Barr running races, Levi Macey started the second Sunday of racing with the yellow leader’s shirt firmly fixed to the end of his boom…but by the end of the day, with 5 hotly contested races in the books, he had relinquished it. This Sunday saw another ten 420s take to the waters in glorious sunshine and light to moderate winds. Adam Arscott and Ryan Callaghan won the first race in convincing fashion, but the tide began to turn in Race 2 as the teams of Amy DesBrisay & Megan Thomas and Madge Barr & Sophie Macey had good races to pull up in the standings for the day. Ultimately, bragging rights came down to a fifth race showdown pitting instructors Andrew Read & Laura Norton against Hugh DesBrisay & Owen Thomas, with the instructors winning the last race and taking home the red ribbons and relegating Hugh and Owen to second. Amy and Megan took third place with consistent sailing, edging the Commodore and Sophie by a single point.  We have a new leader board up on the website showing twenty-eight different sailors having participated in Sunday racing. Competition for the Top Junior is being led by Megan Thomas with brother Owen closing in.  Megan also leads the competition for Top Lady, with Laura Norton just behind.  Each of the Macey family and the Thomas family has had four members racing both Sundays – clearly the most enthusiastic (and prolific) families on the water!  This has been a fabulous start to the new format Sunday Afts and, with many sailors bunched on top of the leader board, competition should be great for the third Sunday of the series…July 27th at 12:30p.m. at the Club. Remember you do not need to have someone lined up to sail with you before you arrive – show up and we will pair you up. Drinks and refreshments will be served post race. See you there!

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