The Instructors for 2008 are on Board!

Board of Directors is excited to announce that we have a great crew of instructors set to run our programme this summer. The group is made up of returning instructors Adam Arscott (head instructor and White 3) and Elizabeth Barr (White 1 & 2)and four new instructors for the ’08 season: Andrew Read (senior race coach), Evan Burtt (Bronze 4), Claire DesBrisay (race coach), and Laura Norton (Mosquito programme). We have set out a bio for each of the instructors under the “Instructors” heading on this site. This team is excited to get going and will provide leadership for what promises to be a fantastic 2008 season. Can’t wait!

Meet your Instructors for 2008

Adam Arscott – Head Instructor and Teaching White Sail level 3

Adam is finishing up his second year at Wilfrid Laurier University where he is studying a combined degree in poli-sci and communications. Adam can sail. He’s also a really, really good skater. His favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie, fave movie is Office Space and his most fave colour is blue. As for music, its the Kooks. Naturally, sailing tops his sports list (but he’s also really, really good on skates). Adam’s other favourite activity is packing and unpacking boxes. It must be because he’s going from WLU to the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivieres to brush up on his French before finally unpacking for the summer at Sturgeon Point. Adam’s pet peeve? We’re still waiting, but I bet it has something to do with a messy clubhouse? Stay tuned for Adam’s pet peeve and photo.

Andrew Read – Race Coach – Team 1

Andrew is finishing his fourth year at the University of Guelph where he is studying biomedical science. Andrew comes to the SLSC from the Buffalo Canoe Club and the Guelph Community Boating Club where he taught and sailed. Not only is Andrew a great waterpolo player at Guelph, but he tutors other students in physics! Here’s some more info about Andrew: His fave desserts are cheesecake and creme brulee. Favourite movie is “anything with Mike Myers” and Wind. Fave Sport? Yup, sailing. When the boats are put away, Andrew plays waterpolo and hockey. Fave colour; Green. Fave music? “Anything that isn’t too depressing.” Pet peeve? Wait for it…..Breaking things and not fixing them or telling anyone! Welcome aboard Andrew!


Claire DesBrisay – Race Coach – Team 2

Claire is finishing grade 12 this June and has had a very busy year. Aside from her keen interest in sailing, Claire also is a member of her school’s Jazz Band (trumpet) and a Ski Instructor. Claire also enjoys competive sailing and skiing as well as basketball, lacrosse and tennis. Claire’s fave colour is yellow and her most fave dessert is chocolate peanut butter ice cream. As for movies; anything with Hugh Grant will make Claire happy (get in line there girl!) and Harry Potter tops her reading list. According to Claire, her personal designer guru is Marc Jacobs and she likes all music except country. Claire’s pet peeve? Snakes. At the end of the summer, Claire will be heading to South Africa to work in a school before plunging into university.


Liz and Claire sailing (and laughing).

Evan Burtt – Teaching Bronze 4

Evan is completing grade 12 this year and comes to us from the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club where he was teaching and working on boat repair. He’s had lots of experience with kids and, when he’s not sailing, Evan does a variety of sports such as skiing and mountain biking. Thankfully Evan also has skills in handling weeds, so he’ll be a real asset to the lagoon crew! Here are some important facts you need to know about Evan: His favourite dessert: ice cream (mint chocolate); favourite movies: New World Disorder 7, Anchorman; favourite sport: (aside from sailing…) extreme mountain biking (skate park and street), back country skiing; favourite colour: white (is that a colour?); favourite music: country, light hip hop; favourite artist: swollen members, sweatshop union; favourite song: dark clouds by swollen members; pet peeves: spiders, muddy/dirty sails, wearing socks with sandles; sailing preferences: laser radial racing or 29er sailing in pumping winds.


Evan and crew

Liz Barr – Teaching White 1 & 2

Many of you already know Liz as this is her second year of teaching and she “graduated” from the SLSC programme before that. Liz is finishing grade 12 (French immersion) in Oshawa. Among her many and varied talents, Liz can also give you the most up-to-date on any (I mean any!) celebrity. Her favourite dessert is the much revered deep-fried Mars bar, her favourite movie: Juno, favourite sport (other than sailing): curling, favourite colour is green. Liz loves all kinds of music, her fave actress is Jennifer Garner (Alias, Juno), favourite pizza (Leslie – take note): pepperoni, and her favourite ice cream flavour is candy floss. Liz’s pet peeve is folded underwear. Wow!

liz1.jpgLiz isn’t quite this tiny in real life….Thanks for the photo Liz!

Laura Norton – Mosquito Programme

Laura hails from Kitchener and joins us from the Conestoga Sailing Club. This will be her first year of teaching and she is undertaking the task of launching the inaugural year of SLSC’s Mosquito programme for novice and beginner sailors aged 8 to 10. Laura is completing Grade 11 at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate where she is a member of the KCI Concert and Jazz Bands playing the Alto Sax. Laura is a figure skater at the Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club, a downhill racer at the Chicopee Ski Club and has just completed her CSCF entry level certification (Level 1 ski coach). From 2005 to 2007, she was employed as a program assistant at the KW Skating Club. Here are some of Laura’s faves: she loves chocolate, her favourite TV show is The Office, favourite sport is sailing (of course!) closely followed by skiing, favourite colour is blue, and she likes all kinds of music. Laura’s pet peeve is when people walk 4 abreast very slowly down the hall at school. It always happens when you’re in a hurry too!


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