SLSC 2019: Chapter 1


After two summers of Adele’s witty newsletters, you may have looked forward to well-crafted prose arriving in your inbox each week. When we (Kate and Madeleine) starting planning for the summer (way back in February), we panicked about how on earth we would be able to follow in her footsteps. As neither of us are gifted writers, we decided to do something a little different this year and enlist the instructor team to help us put them together each week. Every week different instructors will write a newsletter highlighting the important events and accomplishments within their specific groups. 

Although sailing club officially begins tomorrow morning, the instructor team has been hard at work making the sailing club shiny and new. We tackled every newfound cobweb, critter dropping or mould growth with a smile on our faces, knowing that in only a short amount of time, eager sailors would roll down the driveway and fill the club with their unbridled energy and enthusiasm. And now that anxiously anticipated moment has arrived, launching us into the SLSC summer of 2019! 

Instructor Crew:

We are so excited to be working alongside this fabulous instructor squad. This year we have a total of 11 instructors — with some returning instructors and a few newcomers. 

First of all, we have our management team (yours truly) — Kate Gilchrist as our Head Instructor and Madeleine DesBrisay as Assistant Head Instructor. Madeleine is teaching CANSail 2 and Kate is going to be helping out in different levels wherever needed. We are beyond excited for what is sure to be a summer to remember. 

After two successful summers leading our 420 Race Team, we are so very happy to have Margaret Wilkins back this summer. As a graduate of the Ontario Sailing Team, Margaret is a talented racer and our backshedders are lucky ducks to have her as their coach. 

Sophie Heldman is back this summer to teach CANSail 3 and the Feva Race Team. Sophie spent this past year travelling the world, operating a ski lift and finally sailing home from the Bahamas on a 52 foot Catamaran. We are so happy that even after all this adventuring, SLSC is still her favourite place to spend the summer. In July, the wonderful, talented Maija Rix will be joining Sophie and the CANSail 3s and in August, the equally wonderful and talented Matthew Day will be taking over from Maija.  

In July, Charlie Breyfogle will be joining the CANSail 2 Dream Team. We are psyched that Charlie is taking a short hiatus from being an elite soccer player to turn our CanSail2s into elite sailors. 

Running our CanSail 1 program this summer, we have Meg Gilchrist and Scarlett Farr.  Meg and Scarlett coached CanSail 1 together last August and by all reports, they were a resounding success.  Meg graduated highschool this June and is heading to Queens in September. We are excited to have her and her unparalleled abilities to make perfect playlists again this summer. Scarlett is also heading off to university this year — Dalhousie for Marine Biology.  Scarlett is our resident artist — the masterpieces painted on the raft are her creations and last summer, the CANSail 1s looked forward to her drawings on the Rigging List each morning. 

Last, but certainly not least, we have two newcomers coaching the WetFeet program: Elliott Ollerhead in July and Raeha Rix in August.  Elliott spent the past couple summers playing basketball but we are excited he’s decided to come back to SLSC and we’re sure that his extremely long limbs will come in handy turning on the projector in the New Building. Last summer, while not officially on the instructor team, Raeha was adored by all the WetFeet kids. We know she will be equally adored this year as the WetFeet instructor in August.  

Afternoon Race Program

ARP for the Feva race team and CANSail 2 development program are both starting this week! They run from 1:30-4 on Tuesday and Thursday. Our 420 race team will continue with extended mornings until 1:30 every day except Wednesdays. 

Tuesday Night Movie

Every Tuesday night, our CANSail 5s and 6s organize a movie night. The first movie is G-rated (usually Disney or Pixar) and perfect for everyone. The second movie is usually far from G-rated and therefore only open to those who will have turned 13 by December 31st of this year. The first movie starts at 6pm and ends around 8pm, but sometimes earlier and sometimes later. It costs $1 for admission per movie, which includes juice and popcorn. There will be candy. Lots and lots of candy. Bring some extra $$$. Most importantly, please bring a reusable cup for juice to help eliminate single use plastic!

Wednesday Dumping Day & Pizza Lunch

Every Wednesday at SLSC, the instructors organize a themed Fun Day.  Sailors from all ages and skill levels are grouped together in teams to compete for ultimate bragging rights. This Wednesday is Dumping Day (where learning will take place in the sailboat and not in the bathroom).  Sailors will learn to capsize their boat safely and effectively and will have plenty of time for a bit of splashing around in the water. Make sure to come prepared with a bathing suit and towel.  

For the past four summers, Christina Hall has worked tirelessly as our pizza lady and we will miss seeing her smiling face around the sailing club every Wednesday.  We’ll say one more “THANK YOU CHRISTINA” for the past four summers and now look forward to welcoming Sandy Holt as our new Pizza Lady. She will be bringing us the world-famous Slices ‘n Scoops Pizza, with a choice of pepperoni, hawaiian, vegetarian, and cheese. The cost of two pieces of pizza is included in registration.  

Friday Pyjama Dance

Following SLSC tradition, our first dance of the summer is pyjama themed. Come out at 7pm for two hours of boogying. Entry is $1 and there will be pop, candy, and freezies for sale. Best costume wins a prize so don your favourite pjs and bust out your best moves. 

N’oubliez pas

It is supposed to be beautiful and sunny this week so please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat and a reusable water bottle. As well, remember to pack foul weather gear, closed-toed shoes, a towel, snacks and a life jacket.  

Additionally, we have a strict no-phone policy this year at the sailing club. Please leave your phones and gadgets at home or tucked away in your bag. 

As always, bikers remember to wear a helmet and take the bike path and drivers, remember to drive painfully slowly around corners en route to sailing club.  

Tomorrow morning bikes, bags and helmets will litter the grass outside the sailing club and shouts from ‘Opti-ball’ will fill the air, marking the beginning of another fun-filled summer at SLSC. We are so excited for the sailing season to begin!

Lots of love, 

Kate and Madeleine

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