SLSC Newsletter Week #7: August 11th – 15th

This penultimate newsletter is a special issue indeed, coming to you live from Kingston, Ontario. I sit before my computer screen a worn-down, sunburnt man, and while my fellow coaches and sailors nap after a hard day’s work on a windless lake, I can’t help but admire my own dedication to this self-appointed position of official newsletter writer.



As always, Masters was run with flawless ease. Thanks to our Race Committee’s tactful course maneuvering on Saturday, we were able to go through four races. This was a wise decision, seeing as Sunday’s wind was dead as a doornail. We may very well be a cursed club when it comes to wind, since it seems to have followed us down to Southern Ontario as well. With the weather aside though, this regatta was a beautiful success; much thanks goes out to all the billets that opened their homes to the sailors, as well as the lovely chefs of various breakfasts, lunches, brunches, and dinners.



When one thinks CORK, one thinks wind – torrential, relentless, turbulent wind. Earlier today we had to watch Maija Rix, Margaret Wilkins, Adele DesBrisay, Sophie Heldman, Cameron Riegel, and Minkey Robson painfully bob around a painfully long course. Their fleet’s race was thankfully abandoned and there’s apparently more wind on the horizon. Our spirits remain high as we move onto the second day of this four-day sailing odyssey. For upcoming results and highlights from Kingston stay tuned to the SLSC Instagram.


Tuesday Movie Night

This Tuesday marks our final Movie Night of the summer. I’m extremely relieved because I’ve just about run out of funny ways to bring up our weekly movie nights.  The show starts this Tuesday at 6:30, and as always, there’s a second feature for those above the age of 13, each movie costs $1, and there will be juice and popcorn served.


Wednesday Night Races

This Wednesday also marks the final evening of races for the season – and your guaranteed last chance for smores. Whatever the results may be, there’ll always be smores at the end of the night. Come down to the club at 6:30PM for one last sail into the sunset.


Friday Fun Day: Verulam 2.0 

I will shamelessly take full credit for being the main establisher of a second Verulam Fun Day. Last year we racked our brains to invent a new Fun Day for the second half of the summer. I just spoke up and said what we were all thinking: Verulam 2.0. It’s an objective fact that our day trip to Verulam is the best day of the year, so why not make it a double feature? To those who ask, “But Erik, wouldn’t going twice just ruin the spirit of the occasion?” I simply reply, “No, that’s a stupid question.”


Jokes aside, come to sailing club with plenty of sunscreen, a bathing suit, a change of clothes, and a towel. Our pizza lunch will be moved to Friday as well, just to continue the momentum of delight on this great day. Pick-up time will also be extended to 2PM that day.


Of course, I can’t leave out the most important detail of the event. Our very own head instructor, Keira Webster, will be celebrating her birthday. The race team, Owen, and I are overjoyed to return to Sturgeon just in time to commemorate her big 21st. Happy birthday, Keira!


Civic 2.0

This Sunday, Sunday Afts will be upgraded to our Civic 2.0, to finish what we started two weeks ago. This Sunday at 2PM, all sailors are invited to return to the sailing club in the same boats as Civic 1.0. Hopefully our weather will be a bit more cooperating and hospitable for sailors who like moving.


Well I’m too exhausted and hungry to come up with any kind of clever conclusion to this issue. Bring a towel, bathing suit, snack, closed toe shoes, change of clothes, etc., to club everyday. Enjoy your week, hope I didn’t get anything wrong, and we look forward to seeing you all this Friday.


Much love,



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