SLSC Newsletter Week #5: July 28th – August 1st

“August” is the most frightening word of the summer. This simple term implies that there is in fact a limitation to our delightful season. But is the glass half-full or half-empty? Those optimists will joyfully declare that the summer’s achievements add up to a half-full cup, allowing space for another half to be filled with warm memories. Meanwhile the pessimists will perceive the cup as half-empty, and the days of the season are slowly sinking down.

In my case, I don’t focus on the quantity of our glass’s volume, rather the quality of its contents – the substance itself. What sort of beverage has this summer been so far? A tangy and exciting fresh orange juice? Or perhaps a comforting glass of cool milk? Allow me to suggest that our drink is indeed half empty, but from now on we’ll sip it like a fine Italian wine. We shall cherish every mouthful, drink it down smooth and respectfully, while revering it on every one of our taste buds. Let’s all drink to that.


Highlights: The Bumper Boat Classic

Fourscore years past, the folks at Sturgeon Lake and Stony Lake faced off head-to-head to claim the title of “Yacht Club”, while second place will have to settle for “Sailing”. As it would happen, Sturgeon was demoted, although in retrospect I’m certain we all see it as an upgrade.

This past weekend we started the soon-to-be long-standing annual Bumper Boat Classic, with hopes to re-ignite this similar rivalry. The yacht club and sailing club clashed in the same style as our forefathers and foremothers, and it was indeed a grand face-off. Thanks to the efforts of Cameron Ollerhead in the Opti fleet, Matthew Day and Elliot Ollerhead in the Feva fleet, and Jacob Webster and Peter Ramsay in the 420 fleet, Sturgeon swept the podium with relative ease. A massive congratulation goes out to all the sailors from both clubs, and I would like to especially commemorate Karli Theo, Parker Marlin, Cameron Ollerhead (again), and Rowan Rix – AKA the Elite Optimist Racing Squadron – for their successes in their first-ever regatta. Many more to come!


Tuesday Movie Night

Now, back to business as usual: this Tuesday marks another double-feature movie night at the Boathouse. The first movie begins at 6:30PM and lasts until 8ish, and a PG-13 film will follow. Entrance to the theatre costs $1 per movie and juice and popcorn will be provided, of course.

The Silvers have been doing a stupendous job of running these Movie Nights, although none of them have followed through with my request to show the original Star Wars. There was a poll one morning and it was revealed that not nearly enough children have experienced this grandiose space opera. Now that my request has been officially published, we shall see if the pressure has been properly applied. . . .


Wednesday Fruit Olympics

Let me introduce to you the Fruit Olympics by explaining the ridiculous rules of one of its main events. Your team is directed to push a car down the club’s gravel driveway, and then one unfortunate nominee must sprint back to the picnic bench where a plate of mushed, brown sugared, day-old bananas will be awaiting them. The bananas must be eaten (without your hands, obviously) under the careful supervision of the entire sailing club cheering you on. Your time will be tallied and points will be awarded.

This is only one of the many bizarre challenges presented at the annual Fruit Olympics. I won’t give anything else away; only a warning to bring a bathing suit, towel, and an extra change of clothes this Wednesday. Looking forward to another spectacular match of Watermelon Football.


Wednesday Night Races 

The club will be hosting another evening of races this Wednesday at 6:30! Bring your friends and family, and anticipate smores! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful smores!


Friday Disco Dance

The Disco Dance is an absolute staple in the SLSC’s routine. Every Civic Weekend, we pay tribute to the artists who were blaring through our speakers at our first dances. While Die Atzen’s Disco Pogo and Blink 182’s The Rock Show have since become modern-day principal tunes at each of our dances, Van McCoy’s The Hustle and Chic’s Le Freak aren’t going anywhere for centuries to come.

So come on down to the clubhouse this Friday at 7PM in your best disco attire. Ask your parents for help (they’ll know what to wear) and if anyone comes dressed as any member of the Village People, I will buy you fifteen freezies. Dance lasts until 9PM and costs $1.


Civic Weekend

This weekend marks the annual Civic Weekend Regatta, a three-day marathon of events throughout the village!

First comes the regatta itself. This Saturday all sailors are welcome down to the club at 9AM  for registration (costs $5 per sailor). Skipper’s meeting is scheduled for 10AM. We’ll be racing our 420s, Fevas, Picos, and Optis, and then all Lasers, Laser Radials, and other miscellaneous dinghies are invited to join. Our handicap convoy is a thriving and competitive fleet, and miscellaneous dinghies are encouraged to come out.

Come Sunday evening at 6PM, the annual Civic weekend Barbecue & Prize Giving kicks off at Rosehill (7 Henry Street, Sturgeon Point). Junior sailors are asked to pay $5 for the meal, while adults are charged $10, since they eat more. Acclaimed trophies like the Treetops Trophy, the Tolka Bowl, the Flavelle Cup, and the Crandella Cup will be presented to the top sailors of their own fleets. It’s a magical evening, but let’s remember to remain respectful of the Rosehill property. It’s my property. Clean up after yourselves, because those are chores John and I are later assigned.



Pediculus humanus capitis, is what the Ancient Latins called the common head louse, an obligate ectoparasite of human beings. The recent outbreak of children at the club has subsequently caused an outbreak of lice. We will urge all those with itchy heads to go through thorough inspections for these critters.


Leaving Your Child

One of the most magical aspects of the SLSC is the principle that it’s a club run for the kids by the kids. The ten instructors open the building in the morning, run the day’s events, keep the club clean (to our own standards), and close up at 4PM. Come flag-raising at 9AM, the sailing club is meant to be a parent-free zone. We understand that overseeing the club’s routine is always entertaining from the view of the driveway, but it’s truly beneficial to the spirit of the club if the instructors and sailors are left alone once the children are dropped off. This request isn’t supposed to ward off parents from speaking to the instructors or voicing any concerns (we do love chatting), but we’d be grateful if this request is respected. Thanks very much.


N’oublie Pas

As always, we sail rain or shine, sleet or hail, so come to sailing club prepared with the proper precautions. This includes a towel, an extra change of clothes, a bathing suit, a water bottle, a snack, and closed toe shoes.


Looking forward to the second half of the sailing season. Much more fun to be had; let us handle this coming month with cherishing hands, and not allow our minds to wander towards the season’s inevitable end. No one wants to return to the real world.


Much love,




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