Civic Holiday Regatta Sailing Instructions

2010 Civic Long Weekend Regatta

July 31st 2010

Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club

The 2010 civic long weekend is upon us and with it comes the annual Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club regatta. The schedule of events goes as follows: Saturday July 31st is the main event, a large course will be set for 420’s, Bytes, Lasers and Laser Radials, and the handicap class. A smaller course will be set closer to club for the Mosquito’s and Opti fleet. Sunday August 1st is the annual parent child races.

Saturday Schedule:

9:00 am: Arrive at Club

10:00 am: skippers meeting at the lean to at Club

1100 am: first warning signal out on the water, races to follow

4:00 pm: last race is started no later than this time


There will be multiple starts for different classes and they will be grouped as follows:

All 420 racers; Class flag: Numeral Pennant #1

Byte racers; Class flag: Numeral Pennant #2

Handicap Fleet, Lasers, Laser Radials: Numeral Pennant #3

The starting sequence will be in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing and goes as follows:

5 minutes: 1 sound signal accompanied by the class flag going up

4 minutes: 1 sound signal accompanied by the prep flag (P flag) going up

1 minute: 1 sound signal accompanied by the prep flag dropping

Go: 1 sound signal accompanied by the class flag dropping

All over early signals and penalties will be displayed in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing.


The large course for all fleets except the Opti and Mosquitos will be located off the point out in the large bay of Sturgeon. The large orange tetrahedron marks will be used for all marks.

The course will be sailed as follows: Start, Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 1, Finish

The starting/ finish line will be between the leading edge of the tetrahedron mark and the RC flag on the RC boat.

*the start/finish line may not be crossed on the second upwind, all boats must stay clear*

Eligibility and Entry:

Anyone is welcome to enter, use of Club boats for non Club members or kids not registered with Club are available on a first come first serve basis for a small fee. Anyone is welcome to enter their own boat regardless of size or make in the handicap fleet.


Safety Boats will be on and around the course at all times.

All competitors must wear personal flotation devices (PFD’s) at all times

Time Limit:

The time limit for the first boat to finish will be 2 hours. Boats failing to finish within 45 minutes of the first boat in their class will be scored DNF.


A low point system of scoring will be used, awards will be given to the 1st , 2nd, and 3rd boats in each fleet.

There will be two 420 fleets who will race at the same time but be scored individually; a White Sail/Bronze IV fleet (to be sailed without spinaker or trapeze – sailing for the Tree Tops Trophy) and an open spinnaker/Trapeze fleet (sailing for the Tolka Bowl).

There will be separate awards for each of the Laser (Flavelle Cup), Radial (Hopkins Trophy), Radial Junior (Junior Trophy), Mosquito/Opti (Crandella) and Handicap (Handicap Trophy) classes.


Protests will be taken and dealt with as the Racing Rules of Sailing outlines. Those who wish to lodge a protest must notify the race committee as soon as possible. An outline of the protest must be given to the race committee within 45 minutes of the RC Boat docking.

Mosquito Racing:

Information about the Mosquitoes course and other information pertinent to their racing will be given to them by their instructor.

Changes and Updates:

Any changes or updates to the sailing instructions or rules will be made at the skippers meeting Saturday morning. updates on the racing will be available to those on shore or away on twitter under slscca.

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