Meagan Woodman (Co-Head Instructor, CANSail 5&6, Senior Race Coach)

This is my third (and definitely final this time!?!) summer at SLSC and I’ve been eagerly awaiting getting back to club.  I am absolutely thrilled to take on the job of 420 Race Coach alongside a fellow off-pointer, whom I grew up sailing with, and to be co-head with Minkey!

I spent this past winter recovering from a broken elbow that occurred last summer due to a dog/bear(no not really)/bike incident, binge watching Netflix, talking about sailing and working several jobs.  I hope to make more incredible memories at SLSC again this summer!

Best Sailing Memory Winning Crew of the Year at WYC Wednesday Night Races on my family’s C&C 29
Favourite Regatta Sarnia Sailfest
Dream Job Owner of an animal rescue & rehabilitation centre
Favourite Drill Apollo (they come in pink!)
Favourite Chip Flavour Miss Vickie’s – Sweet Chili & Sour Cream
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? The grizzly bear – I just don’t think the salmon could coordinate themselves to take a grizzly down

Michael Robson (Co-Head Instructor, CANSail 2)



I am a third time instructor at SLSC and I am really looking forward to another great summer! This year, I have the pleasure of being co-head instructor with Meagan Woodman and leading this wonderful team. I have just finished my third year of study at Western University. This summer, I am looking forward to many sunsets and long walks on lake road


Best Sailing Memory 2nd place finish at CORK
Favourite Regatta Cottage Clubs at Lake of Bays
Dream Job General Manager of a hockey or basketball team
Favourite Drill The Dewalt with the battery that goes in the handle, reliable and mobile 
Favourite Chip Flavour Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar™
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? With a coordinated attack plan, I believe the salmon could eventually beat the grizzly bear


Adele DesBrisay (CANSail 3, Feva Race Coach)

I’ve just finished my first year at McGill, where I’m majoring in environmental studies. After experiencing my first ‘real’ winter away from the West Coast, with sub-zero temperatures that last more than a day or two, snow-shovelling, and no sign of daffodils in February, I am even more excited than usual to spend a warm summer on the water with an incredibly cool group of CANSail 3s.
In my spare time, I like to obsessively redo Sporcle quizzes until my score approaches average, camp, and dance/sing along (badly on both counts) to Pink Floyd.

Best Sailing Memory Really anything that involves trap, spin, and a lot of wind, but I think my all time favourite would have to be sailing the Wisener’s Nacra last summer
Favourite Regatta CORK
Dream Job I once took an online quiz about career aptitudes and my top result was a parking lot attendant (dream big)
Favourite Drill I really don’t know much about drills, but I have a friend who swears by his Bosch 18V Li-Ion Compact Tough™ Hammer Cordless Drill
Favourite Chip Flavour Original Tostitos
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? I don’t think that salmon have the mental capacity to coordinate an attack on a grizzly bear, so I’m voting for the grizzly

Margaret Wilkins (Part-Time CANSail 3&4)


I am so excited to finally join the SLSC team for my first year of instructing! Returning for my 9th year at club, I am beyond thrilled to return to my home of many summers. I have just finished grade 11 at my high school in Toronto, and have joined the Ontario Sailing Team this year. In my free time I love photography, designing/sewing clothes, watching excessive amounts of movies and sorting my thousands of songs into specific-mood playlists.

Best Sailing Memory  Sailing in Miami at a National level regatta (We saw dolphins!)
Favourite Regatta  Cottage Club
Dream Job  Ruler of the Universe 
Favourite Drill  Paperclip
Favourite Chip Flavour  Salt and Vinegar
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon?  1000 salmon because the average weight of one salmon is 5kg. Therefore 1000 salmon is equal to 5000kg. A grizzly bear weighs 270kg, which is still 4730kg less than the salmon. Therefore, the weight of 1000 salmon would overpower the bear and win in a fight.

Alison Sears (CANSail 1) 



Hi I’m Alison! I started sailing at the age of nine out of the Rothesay Yacht Club up the road from my home. After a few years of sailing and racing, I joined the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Race Team in order to train and compete at higher level events, racing 420s, and Laser Radial. Off the water I enjoy playing piano, swimming, volunteering and the occasional Netflix binge. This is my first year at Sturgeon Lake, and I am extremely excited and looking forward to a fantastic summer!


Best Sailing Memory My first race ever at CORK Youth Nationals. My crew and I had decided to go to the opposite side of the course then the rest of the fleet, and we managed to pull ahead, putting distance between us and our competitors. Near the end of the race the wind began to die and we started to slow down, but thankfully enough we were able to stay concentrated and focus even with our rival team coming up quick behind us. It was a very close finished but we were able to hold our position and get our first bullet!
Favourite Regatta The Bay Wind Regatta at Saint Margaret’s Sailing Club in Nova Scotia. It always has a great breeze and huge waves!
Dream Job Pediatric Surgeon
Favourite Drill Buoy Tag
Favourite Chip Flavour I love salt and vinegar chips with a large glass of orange juice!
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? I honestly don’t think there would be much of a battle, it sounds like bear heaven to me!


Chris Robson (CANSail 1)



I am a first time instructor this summer at SLSC. After a few years away from the club, I look forward to returning and adding to the terrific sailing atmosphere of Sturgeon. My hobbies include wood carving, yoga, and perusing the educational Encyclopaedia Britannica. I am excited to bring my enthusiasm and energy to the club this year as a CANSail 1 instructor.

Best Sailing Memory Super windy sailing in a byte
Favourite Regatta Cottage Clubs
Dream Job CEO of my own company
Favourite Drill Dewalt, hands down
Favourite Chip Flavour Doritos Sweet Chili Heat
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? Grizzly bear 100%, those claws are vicious


Madeleine DesBrisay (WetFeet, Opti Race Coach)


I am ridiculously excited to be joining the SLSC dream team this year as the WetFeet instructor.  I am especially excited to be introducing our sailing club newbies to the amazing sport of sailing and to the weird and wacky traditions at SLSC.  I spend my year in Victoria attempting to dodge the countless puddles and the never-ending torrential downpour and wistfully dreaming of summers at the sailing club.  When I am not counting down the days until flag raising, I like to play in my two (self-proclaimed) super cool fiddle groups, run away to the wilderness and re-read the Harry Potter books.


Best Sailing Memory When I was in Wetfeet, my cousin and I were pitted against each other in our first sailing regatta, Civic. Naturally, we wanted to tie, so we alternated who would win each race but when it was her turn to win a race, her boom fell off, so I sailed in circles for 20 minutes until she crossed the finish line!
Favourite Regatta Cottage Clubs
Dream Job This year we took a test to see what kind of job we were best suited for and my number one choice was a crossing guard, closely followed by a pediatrician.  So I think I would shoot for the moon and pursue a career as a crossing guard, but if that doesn’t work out, I’d settle for a pediatrician.
Favourite Drill I don’t use drills enough to have a strong opinion, but the internet seems to think the Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill is pretty good.
Favourite Chip Flavour Salt and Vinegar
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon? I would definitely vote salmon in support of my home team – the Victoria Salmon Kings


Molly-Rose Ramsay (Part-Time WetFeet & CANSail 1/2)


I’m so excited to be joining the instructor team this summer! I’ve visited Sturgeon Lake a few times with my family to stay with our cousins and had the best time at club. I grew up in Northern Ireland, sailing from a young age, and am now at Uni in Scotland studying psychology with sport studies. I’ve spent the last two summers instructing back home in the cold Irish Sea, so I can’t wait to be back in sunny Sturgeon Lake this summer!


Best Sailing Memory Visiting Sturgeon Lake of course!
Favourite Regatta Narrow Series
Dream Job Physio for the Irish Rugby Team
Favourite Drill Tacking/Gybing on the whistle or Circle up
Favourite Chip Flavour BBQ
Who Would Win In A Fight…1 Grizzly Bear or 1000 Salmon?  Pretty sure it’d be salmon


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