For 2015, our roster of instructors will feature one off point instructor.  Instructors for 2015 are listed below.

Erik Nyhuus (Head Instructor)

EricNyhuusIt is exhilarating to be rejoining the SLSC DreamTeam, this time in the position of head instructor! I’m aware of the figuratively large shoes to fill (Keira has size 5 feet), but I’m excited to take on the challenge and I’m thrilled to be working with such a terrific group of people!

I’m entering my final year at Dalhousie University in Halifax, studying political science. When I’m not daydreaming about sailing on Sturgeon, I cheer on the Ottawa Senators, cook delicious breakfast food, and play the electric guitar in the self-proclaimed critically-acclaimed rock band, Gnarwhalz.

We have an amazing summer ahead of us! I’m stoked and honoured to be returning to Sturgeon Lake to teach the sport I’ve loved since I was six years old.

Favourite Morning Game: British, of course
Favourite Musician: Chesel Alexander (pretty obscure, you’ve probably never heard of him)
Favourite Meal: A very big sandwich
Favourite Childhood Movie: The Empire Strikes Back and It’s A Wonderful Life
Who Would Play Me In A Movie: Matthew McConaughey, but Matt Damon would be contractually obligated to make a surprise cameo appearance.
Run at 100 mph / Fly at 10 mph: Definitely fly, because I don’t even trust myself walking around my house at 1 mph.

Meagan Woodman (Junior Race Coach & Assistant Head Instructor)

MeaganI have been sailing and racing since the age of 10 in 420s, bytes, and lasers and a variety of keel boats at WYC, FBYC AND CBYC.  In the past I’ve coached CANSail 3/4 and the 5/6 Double Handed Race Team at WYC.  I’ve had the chance to sail in the Cayman Islands for a winter sailing camp and recently helped coach at Dinghy Champs in the British Virgin Islands.  I’m super thrilled to be joining SLSC this summer as Junior Race Coach and Assistant Head Instructor!  I’m very excited for this new experience and can’t wait for the summer to start! 

This year I graduated from UOIT with a Bachelors of Health Science Honours in Medical Lab Science.  Using my degree I plan to work in a hospital lab doing diagnostic testing and eventually would love the opportunity to be involved in doctors without boarders.

Favourite Morning Game: Buggies
Favourite Musician: Eric Church and Jason Aldean
Favourite Meal: Basically anything with carbs – Pasta, Pizza, Nachos (just no meat!)
Favourite Childhood Movie: Pocahontas 
Who Would Play Me In A Movie: Jessica Alba 
Run at 100 mph / Fly at 10 mph: Fly at 10 mphI’m too clumsy to be allowed to run that fast

Jacob Webster (Race Coach)

Jacob WebsterI’m super excited to be returning to SLSC this summer and even more excited to take on new responsibilities as the Race Coach. I’ve been dreaming of getting back on the water for the past couple months and can’t wait to go back to the Cottage.

A little about myself: I just finished my first year at McGill University where I study Political Science. At McGill I joined the Sailing Team and had the opportunity to sail throughout Canada and the US. When I’m not sailing I like to watch/play sports (hockey, soccer, baseball), watch TV (30 Rock, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones), and take long walks on the beach.

Favourite Morning Game: Captain’s Coming
Favourite Musician: Run the Jewels
Favourite Childhood Movie: Tarzan
Favourite Meal: Pad Thai
Who would play you in a movie: Chris Messina
Run at 100 mph or fly at 10 mph: Run at 100 mph, this has quite possibly been the most contentious debate we instructors have ever had and I fully realize how sad that sounds. For the sake of brevity I will list a couple of my reasons in bullet points.

  • If you are able to run 100 mph you are automatically the greatest athlete in the world.
  • 10 mph is essentially the speed of a fast jog. Flying at 10 mph, while fun at first, would get boring eventually.
  • If you are the world’s greatest athlete you have wealth, fame, and influence that allows you the freedom to do whatever you want with your life.

Michael Robson (CANSail 3)

Michael Robson

Sailing has become a huge part of my life since I started at SLSC. I’m a first time instructor who will be going into university this fall. I have been sailing for 8 years and have been a part of the race team at SLSC. I am extremely looking forward to this summer and hope to pass on my love of sailing to my students.  Sailing over the past few summers has been a great experience and this summer I look forward to working with my fellow instructors to make this summer the most fun it can be.

Favourite Morning Game: Buggies
Favourite SLSC Dance: Disco
Favourite Fun Day: Treasure Hunt Day
Favourite Musician:
Favourite Childhood Movie: The Lion King
Favourite Meal: Veal Sandwich from California Sandwiches
Item and person (real or fictional) that you would bring with you on a deserted island: Genie’s Lamp for the 3 wishes and Captain Jack Sparrow
Which SLSC instructor would be most likely to survive on a deserted island?: Erik Nyhuus, that guy is resourceful

Graeme Shea (CANSail 1/2 )

Heyo Friends! I am beyond excited to tell yall that I will be joining the SLSC dream team for another year of fun filled adventures in what is sure to be the greatest summer that has ever happened in the history of ever!

Now to provide some insight into the self proclaimed “coolest instructor”. Over the past year well all of my fellow instructors were being “productive” and “learning” I decided to become a vagabond and travel around the world for six months and visit eleven different countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and most of western Europe) upon realizing my bank account was empty I decided it was time to head home and lead the incredibly difficult and astonishingly challenging life of an SLSC cansail 1/2 coach before I will move off to the real world at university of Calgary business school

Favourite Morning Game: British (duh) but captains coming is a close second
Favourite Musician: Kygo
Favourite Meal: A countries specialty dish in said country (pizza in italy, sushi in japan, pad thai in thailand. etc)
Favourite Childhood Movie: Ratatouille
Who Would Play Me In A Movie: The kid from almost famous (your welcome Megan)
Run at 100 mph / Fly at 10 mph: I like to live life in the fast lane, not the “light jog lane” so its obviously run from me

Megan Thomas (CANSail 1)

I am so excited to be returning to SLSC as the CANSail 1 Instructor for a summer of fun in the sun, especially after a rather nasty Halifax winter. I can’t wait to get back into the summer vibe and spend 2 great months working with such an amazing instructor team!

I just finished my first at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia, where I am studying History and Film. I like to spend my spare time reading the occasional book, listening to music and binge watching TV shows on Netflix (I have successfully completed That 70’s show and Friends, I am still working on criminal minds but it is a slow process)

Favourite Morning Game: Shoe Golf (a game that is very underrated in my opinion)
Favourite Musician: There are too many to choose from but i have narrowed it down to either Hozier, or Van Morrison
Favourite Childhood Movie: Rugrats in Paris
Favourite Meal: Chicken Alfredo pasta (From Costco of course!)
Who Would Play Me In A Movie: Alia Shawkat (she plays Maeby in Arrested Development)
Run at 100 mph / Fly at 10 mph: Flying OBVIOUSLY! (I don’t know why this is still a debate)

Adele DesBrisay (Wetfeet)

AdeleEvery year, I start my “First Day of Club Countdown” the day sailing club ends and watch with great anticipation as the seconds, minutes, hours and days tick down from 311 to 0. This year has been especially exciting for me, because I was able to decrease the time in that countdown by 15 minutes in order to account for my new responsibility as an instructor to arrive at 8:15 rather than 8:30. The earlier start time is an added bonus, but I’m also just unbelievably excited to have the coolest job on the planet this coming summer.

When I’m not wistfully watching my countdown, I like to row, listen to Erik’s critically acclaimed rock band and watch YouTube videos of golden retrievers trying to pick up four tennis balls at the same time.

Favourite Morning Game: buggies or prom date
Favourite Musician: the 20th Century Fox recorder guy
Favourite Meal: mashed potatoes
Favourite Childhood Movie: Princess Bride
Who Would Play Me In A Movie: Hagrid has the best hair for the job.
Run at 100 mph / Fly at 10 mph: sail at 1000, duh!

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