Dock Fundraising Gala

July 27

Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club

SLSC offers Sail Canada’s CANSail curriculum programs for children aged 8 to 18. In our morning program, we offer fun and safe learn-to-sail programming, and in the afternoon, we offer Race Team training. In addition to learning and developing basic sailing and racing skills, sailing teaches confidence, perseverance, and teamwork.

SLSC 2019: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Sailing club is now in full swing – sailors have shaken off the rust built up over 10 dismal, sailing-free months, the rules to morning games are explained less and less often, and instructors are finally starting to locate all the bits and bobs in the instructor lounge.  And so our third week of sailing club begins. With two great weeks behind us, we’re looking forward to an equally amazing week ahead.  Tuesday Movie Night This Tuesday, the CanSail 4s, 5s and 6s are hosting a movie night….

SLSC 2019: Chapter 2

Week 2  The first week of club is now over and what a week it was! We are ecstatic to report that we have had no broken bones, boats, or spirits. We had light wind conditions this week, which was perfect for de-rusting our sailors after 10 months. Next week, we are praying to the wind gods to give us some heavier wind days, but not too heavy.  Tuesday Movie Night  If you’re looking to get rid of your kids for about an hour and a half (6:00-7:45 ish), then…

SLSC 2019: Chapter 1

Introduction After two summers of Adele’s witty newsletters, you may have looked forward to well-crafted prose arriving in your inbox each week. When we (Kate and Madeleine) starting planning for the summer (way back in February), we panicked about how on earth we would be able to follow in her footsteps. As neither of us are gifted writers, we decided to do something a little different this year and enlist the instructor team to help us put them together each week. Every week different instructors will write a newsletter highlighting…

SLSC 2018: Chapter 8

Well, we have somehow made It through eight weeks of sailing club only having lost a Pico sail, a couple spin poles, and Sophie’s phone to the lake #WhatAnEnormousSuccess. (Also, if anyone finds my Birks, please let me know.) However, the successes of this summer only make the conclusion all the more bitter. We begin to have nightmares about school, wearing socks (except Matt, he loves socks), and spending time indoors. Sailing Club feels like home for the summer – a place of friendships, learning and a whole lot of…

SLSC 2018: Chapter 7

Cottage Club and CORK Last week, we sent 11 sailors to Stoney Lake Yacht Club to compete in Cottage Club Regatta. Our three Fevas dominated the four-boat fleet. Congratulations to Rowan and Ethan who came away with the gold. The 420 fleet was a much larger – 32 boats — and Ruby and Nixon managed to place fifth! Congratulations to all our racers. Tomorrow morning, Ruby and Nixon are leaving for Kingston, where they will compete in CORK International. Wish them luck! Sunday Afts Despite painfully light conditions, we had…