Sun Aft


The Sunday Aft Format:   Show up at the club at 1 pm, with or without a crew.  You will be assigned a boat.  Sailing will be without spinnaker or trapeze.  Individuals will carry their points from one Sunday to the next, regardless of who they sail with.  At the end of the season the individual with the most accumulated points under our scoring system will be crowned the Sunday Afternoon Races Champion, and be suitably recognized at Prizegiving!  Prizes will also be awarded for other categories, to be determined.

All sailors are encouraged to come and participate, regardless of experience.  We will match more experienced sailors with less experienced sailors to ensure everyone gets safely around the race course.  The emphasis in these races is on learning, and very friendly competition.  Adults and Juniors alike are welcome.  First race will start at 1:30 p.m.

The Sunday Aft’s scoring system: Points will be awarded to the sailors in each boat for every race that is completed, with one point awarded to every member of that crew for finishing the race and one additional point awarded for each boat that that boat beats in the race. For example, if there are 10 boats in a race, each member of the winning crew in that race will score 10 points (one point for finishing and 9 points for beating 9 other boats). The second place finishers in that race will each be awarded 9 points. The winning boat each Sunday will be the boat with the most total points on that race day.  For the season, each competitor’s points will be totalled counting the best 60% (rounded up) of races sailed in the series for that competitor.

2016 Sunday Aft Leaderboard:

PlaceSailor’s Name# of Points
1stKate Thomas28
2ndGraeme Shea, Amy DesBrisay, and Jacob Webster15
3rdRowan Rix12
4thMargaret Wilkins, Ava Wilkins, Ava Hall, Jules Taylor10
5thIsabella and Simon Aspinwall, Larry Thomas, and John Shea7
6thJake Rix and Lewis Crighton6
7thBraden Taylor and Sawyer Hall2